Episode 15

Does Orion At King's Island Get The Thumbs Up From RATB?

Published on: 18th September, 2020

King's Island is one of RATB's favorite theme parks and the guys were able to experience the new giga coaster "Orion" during a recent visit. Listen to the show to hear about a July 31, 2020 trip report and see if they give the new thrill ride a thumbs up!

Time Stamps:

Frida & Phil Collins (00:50)

Orion Initial Thoughts (03:45)

Banshee & Getting Old (12:20)

Mystic Timbers (15:40)

The Beast Legend (18:00)

HHN Cancelled (30:30)

Capitalism and Collectibles (34:10)

Disney Quest Remembered (41:15)

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